About Western Wood Products

Western Wood Products was founded in 1992. The company has become an innovative producer of dowel & socket fences as well as a wide variety of posts and sawn timbers.

The operations centered around the use of dowel mills rather than conventional pole peeling equipment to produce high quality wood products of uniform dimensions. An adequate and stable supply of timber is the largest and most persistent problem faced by the timber industry today.

Western Wood Products has acquired timber contracts with large private landholders in Northern New Mexico securing enough raw material to operate our plant indefinitely in the Raton location.

From 2002 through 2006 Western Wood Products produced it's round wood product from both the Wyoming and New Mexico facilities.

These products have been sold throughout the United States by various wood brokers as well as small retail providers Some of the products manufactured were treated by outside treatment plants and this product was sold under various names and labels.

In 2007 Western Wood Products finished the construction of it's own "state of the art" wood treatment plant at the Raton plant location.

This plant complies with all EPA requirements for both treatment of wood products as well as regulations for the storage and use of the chemicals used in the treatment process.

Today Western Wood Products manufactures a wide variety of wood products:

  • Round wood - Fence posts, Rails, Posts and Poles all of various sizes and either treated or untreated
  • Dimensional Timbers of various length and sizes - Either treated or untreated
  • Bark and Wood Chips - to meet landscaping and ground cover needs
  • Specialty Items - Vegas of any size as well as furniture grade material